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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Organizing Your Research

Completed one 3" notebook with newspaper articles that I had saved about the town and people into acid free sleeves and into notebook. Completed one 4" notebook as well. TAKE PHOTOS>>>... This has much more then 20 sleeves..

Created, and filed papers into over 40 hard copy file folders on the same day.

Organized 45 digital photographs taken when camping in 8July 2008 from Kodak Digital Software then put images into individual folders for scrapbooking and printing.

Organized digital photographs taken on trip to Lansing for conference and to Thunder Bay, Ontario for same purpose July 2008.

Organized digital 10 of BMX racing and Lawnmower (County Fair) photographs of grandson Aug 2008.

12 Aug Organized 5 photographs taken at a work bee for our Genealogy Society

YEHA>>> I still have floppie disks from my first digital that took photos on floppies. I had removed them all, put them on the computer and then on CD's last November as I was working on a Christmas project. I had a few that said they would not work. I have another computer with Vista that I was scanning on and thought, I will try those old floppies.. and GOSH DARN... I got images off 4 of them. From the years 2000 and 2002, holiday photos. Was I happy or what??? I still have 2 that won't work for me. If anyone reads this and knows of a source/way to do this please let me know. I have about 35 images on one that I want real bad ;)

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