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Friday, August 8, 2008

Indexing & Acts of Kindness

This is a hard thing to 'toot' one's own horn!
See an Post that is the response from one gal during this contest that I helped.

Acts of Kindness:
Grand Traverse Michigan Sites with indexing done:
Vitals Grand Traverse (rest of the site under construction)

Many links here: MIGenWeb Grand Traverse with indexed data

I am a member of the Grand Traverse Area Genealogical Society and we have been walked Leelanau County and recorded the headstones. Then walked Grand Traverse rural cemeteries. The chair of the cemetery committee inputs the thousands and thousands of people into Excel. We then take each person and research to include in the records the following if found: birth, marriage, death dates and places, parents, military, occupations, spouses and ? whatever basic information like that is found. So research is something that, for me, is on a daily basis for one thing or another.

Also, I am volunteer for the "Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness" If fact, I was the instigator of getting the RAOGK on the Roots Television site: RAOGK Blog

Spent from about 10-5 on day last week extracting data from online death records and reading them to the cemetery chairperson, Kathi Farley, to update our cemetery database.

One full day and 2 partial days researching Aug: Gottlieb Pilz / Piltz Family (helping for a talk our Cemetery Chairperson is going to give, Aug 21st)

Walked the cemetery for over 6 hours searching for Gottlieb Pilz headstones. Well, actually we walked 2 cemeteries in Leelanau county as well. Forgot about those! He was a marble stone cutter and one of the things he did was headstones. This man does not even have a headstone -grinning- and that he could have done himself. minus the death date of course. ;)

Individual "Acts of Kindness"
The end of July 2008 I went on a road trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario with a friend to find her gr-grandfather. WHAT A BLAST! She was researching the newspapers in the attempts to
find more articles about the ship her grandfather was the captain of at the the time of his death in 1923. She was a happy 'camper' to be able to visit the city where all of this occurred. There were 2 newspapers for the area at that time so we each took a microfilm reader with the individual newspapers and BOTH of us found articles AND an obituary. What a DAY that was! The scenery was awesome of Lake Superior being in view so much of the time on the way from Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

18Aug2008 Found and obtained microfilm copies of naturalizations at Library of Michigan for several other folks and my children's father's line.

Who keeps track of the daily emails with questions? I guess a journal is needed.

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