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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Data Backup Day

Update: 29 March 2009
Backup Your Data
I have written about this before for inclusion in another carnival. See below the line for my previous plan.

My backup plans are pretty much still the same. Best Buy had 8gig Sandoz flash drives on sale for 19.99 and I purchased 2 of them and put 7.47 of images using just one of them. The 7.47 figure was all it appeared to allow me to upload. Which made me think of a time quite a while ago where the flash drive didn't hold as much as was purported and there was a huge public issue about it. I have alot of photographs to store so need space.

I have updated my other 6 flash drives the 15th of last month. I don't backup on a schedule anymore because I am doing so much work that I backup as I go now. Four of my flash drives are simply 2 each of the same data. I am a non-trusting person when it comes to backups so I create dups of my flash drives. Not to mention that I have the work on CD's except for my last flash drive. I will be doing that in time.

I have not done anything with my external hard drive since I discussed my backup plan the first time. I have to see if it is going to work on Vista.

I do need to make some updated CD's to put in my families homes. So, between my flash drives and CD's and having extras stored at my families I think my plan works pretty well. I am doubly cautious because of a loss years ago on floppy disks. I had backed up duplicates copies of the same data on floppies and several of them were not able to be retrieved. So, double backup didn't work on that one.

As stated below I don't have to worry about flooding and fires I have covered by storing duplicates at my families home.

My Original Backup Plans

A: Backup Plan
Already have a CDs and Hardcopy of most data at brother's house. This new data will have to
be added on a CDs / Flash Drive and given to him as well. There is a CD with images and a CD with gedcom's. Flash drive has gedcom's as well with most of the same images.

They are not in waterproof containers as he lives hundreds and hundreds of feet up on a hill without water around to affect anything. I don't care for online resources so I stash duplicates of data at families house's. I now, have them in my son's safe deposit box (update 16thAug) and they will be in my daughter's fire-proof safe (when she is home in Dec)

B. I did not do this as no where that I have records will there be a flood. I am conscious of fire but not all of us are going to have fires at the same time so the expense seems senseless in my situation.

C. Backup using hard drives and flash drives:
14Aug 2008...... Backed up 248 images on External Hard-drive and 1 flash drive.

D. 15Aug2008......... Backed up Gedcom's on External Hard-drive and 2 flash drives. See master plan. I have CD's at son's and brothers.

E. This is completed by the above events, as I see it.

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