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Friday, August 8, 2008

The Core Families - Kratochvil & Secor / Keffer - Puterbaugh

While the blog thought was Erma's maternal family, Kratochvil, it has not so subtly changed to having my children's father's family here. Erma's immigrant ancestrs have been in the Grand Traverse County Michigan area since 1855 when the there was a decision to settle here. Her maternal family, Secor, came from the Province of Quebec with the name of Sicard. The trick was realizing the name change to Secor when settling in Grand Traverse county whether by spelling the name as others had done or doing it themselves we will never know. But Secor it became and remained.

Thankfully the flag represents Ontario and USA (as well as Bohemia) so the Beck-Keffer-Putterbaugh families fit in there. With the introduction of Ontario birth, marriage and death records on ancestry this has made life a joy. They have the 1871 and 1891 Ontario census while Library and Archives Canada web has the 1881. What more can a genie ask for? Well, we won't go there but!!
It certainly is a wealth of information at ones' fingertips. GenieBk

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