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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saving an Online Image: Marriage of Walter Keffer

A sample of how I save online image documents: I have been saving and saving all the marvelous image documents from This is of a marriage for my children's father's maternal line. After I save the image I open my photo software, PhotoImpact Pro 11 and get the best view I can by darkening/lightening/sharpen and or ...

Then I crop it to the size I want to save it leaving a bit of extra on the outside edges. The reason I did that for this photo is because the image was scanned crooked. I prefer to have my images stand upright ;) Then I use the perspective crop to tilt the image into the upright position. Next I make a final standard crop to remove the excess that is added during the perspective crop which is also removing the extra tidbit I saved around the image. This way when the image is turned upright I don't lose any of the actual document / text itself.
This is a before image:

This is the after image:
Different years look different, it was too much to hope for them all having the same data. grin! The finished copy looks crooked but actually there is black on the side of the image where the page has been worn away.

Catherine Stumpf and Walter Keffer! Click on the image to enlarge.

Note: Published 7 draft copies of posts 5:35 fulfilling part C. of Write, Write, Write in the Genea-Bloggers Contest.

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