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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Citing Your Sources

Today for "Citing Your Sources" I have added vital records of Ontario to my children's paternal side. Because I have been getting them online I source them as: All records from (normally adding the URL) and saving all images (see below).

1) Death Certificate:
Example for Mary Ann Peterman wife of Valentine Keffer Ontario, Canada Deaths, 1869-1934; Page: Page 36 #28 017959 - Quality: Primary

Other vital records might have home descriptions to add:
2) Michael Keffer 7 Jul 1852; Lot 10, Concession 3, Vaughan Township, York County, Ontario, CANADA

Also found for Michael Keffer at this link:
3) questions on his military so I include this with his data to check out later when time allows.

4) Source Census Records: Henry Keffer
1900 United States Federal Census 13 Apr 1900
SD 11 ED 37 Sheet 6B Lines 82-84 Household 100-101
Paradise, Grand Traverse, Michigan
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Spouse's Name: Louisiana
Immigration Year: 1889
Name: Henry Keffer Age: 69 abt 1831 Ontario parents b. PA farmer
5) Louisiana Keffer 69 abt 1831-- Susannah b. Canada parents b. PA
Allen Keffer 26 abt 1874 b. Canada parents b. PA Log Scaler

6) George Peterman
Records found and sourced same as Henry Keffer.
1851 Census; 1871 Census (note to self: check the new online 1881 census now) Death just days after census was taken.

7) Jeremiah Keffer: A book edited Ezra Eby on "Waterloo History" was found at http://www.ezraeby. Something to check out further and sourced by title of book and editor in case the link is down when I return. Until proven this book is considered Questionable.

8) Susannah Keffer: Running out of time to save the images found so I sourced it by adding her birthdate and location with link:
Has Susanna birth as 11 Nov 1831;
Also Located: 1871 census for her

Note to self:
I can see now, where days and days are going to be spent in the Ontario records at .. A GOOD THING considering not only am I obtaining data but the images are here as well as being saved in a file under Surname then.. example:
Folder: Surname Keffer >Surname, Given Name.. + in the end it would appear:
Keffer>bir_walter_wife-katherine_so_Henry (so=son of) bir = birth; mar= marriage and so on.

9) Found the burial place for Hannah Catherin Schiedel bu: 18 Feb 1842 at Breslau Mennonite, Cemetery, Breslau, Woolwich Twp (was Waterloo Twp) Ontario, Canada. I was not able to get a plot / lot numbers so this will need to be done in the future.

Since I am new to Ontario research and Woolrich Twp was unfamiliar to me I did a search and found out it used to be Waterloo Twp. NOW this.. I knew was in my area. I had thought they moved but only the name of the township changed.

Switching gears for awhile to the Beck family as all the Keffer's started to look alike.

10) Philip Beck was found in the 1871 Ontario census as well, again sourced as above. I was also able to find and source him in the 1900 and 1910 Grand Traverse County census. From the 1900 I was able to get the immigration date of 1854 so will be able to search for immigration records more easily now. A death record was located and sourced as:

11) When I get the actual record I will record the record number as well as what information is gleaned from this record.
Philip Beck Death Record
Traverse City, Grand Traverse County MI
Liber 3 Page 014 noted as Primary Source.

12) I decided to search and found in the local news: "Mayfield Local News: August Gran and family attended a family reunion of the Beck family at the home of Mrs. Gran's father, Philip Beck, Christmas day."
This gives me the name of Mrs. Gran, hmmm, wonder which daughter she was. But a new name!!
Sourced as: Traverse City, MI; Grand Traverse Herald, 9 Jan 1908 pg 3 (should have the column and item number in the column) but .. hey! I'm not purrrfect! also gave me the following on John Beck: using source style above for newspapers.
13) 9Apr1903 Nominee for Treasurer of Kingsley Twp
14) 10Apr1913: Overseer of Highways, North District
15) 13 Jul 1926: Kingsley News: John Beck has re-shingled his barn

For his daughter Emma Beck:
16)16Jan1913: Miss Emma Beck is working for Mrs. Ruby Nelson, East Paradise

For a 2nd Dau Ella Beck:
17)27Sep1946 Admitted Munson Hospital
18)04Nov1946 Discharged Munson Hospital (Search for: who might know why?)
19)11Jul1960 Signed petition for Special Assessment regarding education.
20)28Jul1962 Admitted Munson: 709 S. Garfield (GREAT a physical home address)
21)4Aug1962 Discharged Munson Hospital: 709 S. Garfield.

Done for now!

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